Avalanche specializes in procurement, sourcing components, and supply chain management.

Our staff has years of collaborative experience sourcing for pharmaceutical, automobile, aviation, and other industries. Our customers receive high-quality service from us, and we pay attention to their needs in order to provide them with the appropriate solutions

Innovations and Adaptations

Whether you are dissatisfied with the items you acquire or if they are inappropriate for your needs, we will significantly aid you in customizing them to suit your requirements.


We provide advice to maintain your inventories well-organized, and our experts are prepared to get your stock ready or designed in any situation.

Technical Assistance

Are you looking for top-notch components? Avalanche works with reputable suppliers and provides free samples to ensure your worries regarding products!


Who we are?

If you're looking for outdated electrical components, Avalanche has the knowledge you need. We are professionals at finding obsolete, hard-to-find electrical equipment across the world.

Our professionals reliably deliver passive, active, and electromagnetic components or components solutions across the globe following the customer's needs. For many years, we have maintained a solid internet reputation as an electric and electromagnetic components provider. Whether you like to purchase goods or tailor goods and services to quantity, we guarantee speedy shipping on various products.

We are offering powerful connections across the world to create better partnerships

Our staff members are passionate about providing our customers with electrical components. Our industry has grown considerably, which has several important aspects. You can expect top-notch customer service, prompt shipping, and a wide selection of in-stock components from us.